Making Citrix Stats Work for You – part 2

This post is part of a 6 part series. Jump to [part 1] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6].

For the next part of this series, I just want to get the data I’m looking for into text files for later use. Here’s the modified PoSH script (with comments) with the text file output:

# Create log files
$logonly = $false

# The $logonly variable will be set to false to prevent output to the screen.  If you wish to get visual feedback while the script runs, then set it to <em>$true</em>.
$sessLog = "w:\qfarm\totSessions.txt"
$appLog = "w:\qfarm\top20apps.txt"
$serverLog = "w:\qfarm\totSessionsServer.txt"
$multiLog = "w:\qfarm\multipleSessions.txt"
if (Test-Path $sessLog) {New-Item $sessLog -Type file -force | Out-Null}
if (Test-Path $appLog) {New-Item $appLog -Type file -force | Out-Null}
if (Test-Path $serverLog) {New-Item $serverLog -Type file -force | Out-Null}
if (Test-Path $multiLog) {New-Item $multiLog -Type file -force | Out-Null}

# Here, I'm defining several different text files depending on its data.  This could just as easily be one file, but for my purposes, it will be easier if they are separate.  The intention is to run this script periodically, and dump the # info into a database, so we do not need to keep the data.  Therefore, I am forcing the scripts to clear out old data before we write to them again.
$livesessions = 0
$disconnected = 0
$farm = New-Object -com "MetaframeCOM.MetaframeFarm"

# Load Up Array for a snapshot of current sessions
$sessionAry = @($farm.Sessions | select UserName,AppName,ServerName,SessionState)

foreach ($sess in $sessionAry) {
if ($sess.SessionState -eq "5") {$disconnected = $disconnected + 1}
else {$liveessions = $livesessions++}

if ($logonly) {Write-Host "The number of active citrix sessions is" $livesessions -fore red}
if ($logonly) {Write-Host "The numbrer of disconnected citrix sessions is" $disconnected -fore red}
Add-Content $sessLog "$livesessions"
Add-Content $sessLog "$disconnected"

if ($logonly) {Write-Host " "}

# Displays a list of published apps and the number of users on each
if ($logonly) {Write-Host "Total users on top 20 citrix applications" -fore yellow}
$sessionAry | group AppName | sort Count -desc | select Count,name -first 20 | ft -auto | Out-File $appLog

if ($logonly) {Write-Host " "}

# List of citrix servers and total number of sessions on each one
if ($logonly) {write-host "Total sessions on each citrix server" -fore yellow}
$sessionAry | group ServerName | sort name | select Count,Name | ft -auto | Out-File $serverLog

if ($logonly) {write-host " "}

# To see which users have more than one session open
if ($logonly) {write-host "First 20 Users with more than one citrix session" -fore yellow}
$sessionAry | group UserName | Sort Count -desc | select Count,Name -first 20 | ft -auto | Out-File $multiLog

That’s it. I’ll cover importing this data into a database in the next post in this series.


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