XenApp 6 Certification Now Available

XenApp 6 Certification Now Available

The Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) for Citrix XenApp 6 is now available. This administrator-level certification validates the skills and knowledge required to install, configure and manage Citrix XenApp 6 on-demand applications.

Certification details:
Exam requirement: A18 Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6
Recommended training: CXA-204-1 Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6
This course provides the foundation necessary for administrators to effectively centralize and manage applications in the datacenter and instantly deliver them as a service to users anywhere. Learners will receive hands-on training for installing Citrix XenApp 6 for Windows Server 2008 R2 and the associated Citrix plug-ins, as well as for using administrative consoles and tools to configure resources, policies, server and server farm settings, printers, virtualized applications and more. This course is offered in the following formats: Classroom (5-days); Live virtual (5-days); Self-paced online (30-hours).
Get started now

Are you a Citrix Partner? Access discounted training and certification for XenApp 6 through the Partner Preferred Pricing program. To get started, go to www.citrix.com/partneronlinetraining, and log in to My Citrix. Upon log in, click on Application Virtualization, found in the “Inside” box.

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