Reinventing the wheel

It’s funny how often system administrators/engineers inadvertently reinvent the wheel every day. I had my own moment of “duh” today when I discovered that WordPress fully supports Alex Gorbatchev’s SyntaxHighlighter which makes embedded code in your blog look really nice (IMHO). I had researched and found other tools to present code in my posts all of which are great, but did not look as clean as SyntaxHighlighter. You can read about this “feature” here.

The SyntaxHighlighter will work with WordPress-hosted and independent WordPress blogs (as a plug-in).

I’ve modified my posts that had code in them to use the SyntaxHighlighter.



Offer: SoftwareFX Powergadgets

I consider PowerShell to be a “must have” in your windows administration toolkit.   As a result, I’ve written several popular posts about how I’ve used PowerShell to solve issues in the virtual environments I manage.  I recently took advantage of SoftwareFX’s PowerGadgets ISV program.  This program allows you to get a free copy or special pricing on this great product.


Do you need multiple PowerGadgets licenses? Are you an influential individual in the PowerShell or IT community? Then the PowerGadgets ISV program may be the right starting point for you. It can not only give you access to a free copy of PowerGadgets but also to special pricing and licensing scenarios.

If you can take advantage of this program I would encourage it (I was able to leverage my blog).  This product can present data gathered by PowerShell in attractive ways for yourself, your team, and your management.