Article: EdgeSight for NetScaler 2.1 – Brand new Dashboard | Citrix Blogs

UPDATE2: I’ve just learned that the beta build of EdgeSight for NetScaler 2.1 will be updated this week with some fixes.

UPDATE: One of my blog readers had an issue getting the GeoData to display correctly. Abhilash Verma who wrote the Citrix blog post below provided the Citrix EdgeSight for NetScaler Administrator’s Guide as a reference.  The Geo Data Configuration starts on page 35.

EdgeSight for NetScaler 2.1 – Brand new Dashboard | Citrix Blogs.

EdgeSight for NetScaler 2.1 is running under beta and everyone is excited about the brand new Dashboard which changes the whole view of how you look at the Applications deployed in your NetScaler infrastructure.

Here is a snapshot of the Dashboard:

The whole Dashboard is divided into 2 parts:

Application View

Provides consolidate view of top 5 Applications based on:

  • Best Response Time
  • Worst Response Time
  • Best Page Load Time

All this can be viewed in terms of Chart or tabular format. Following is an example of Best response time in Chart and Table format.

Client Details

Provides detailed view of Client side stats:

  • Client Browser Stats
  • Client Operating System Stats

Here is how the distribution looks like:

In today’s world Application visibility is not just limited to local or single location. Response time for clients can vary a lot for location to location based on WAN latency and other factors introduced. EdgeSight supports client specific response time data visibility based on Geo location as well.

View of geographically distributed Users and Application:

Response time for based on Geo location:

This Dashboard would make administrators life much easy with respect to how Applications are performing and how to monitor end user response time. With the level of details on client OS, device and browser one can figure out the usage structure very well.

5 thoughts on “Article: EdgeSight for NetScaler 2.1 – Brand new Dashboard | Citrix Blogs”

  1. Hello Machado,

    As you already have the geo-data being collected and showing up as various locations in your reports, shows that geo-location feature has been configured correctly.

    To have the same data show up in Geo-Maps, like the one above you do not need to install anything else, viz: Java, etc. All you have to do is, click on the View GeoMap link on either the Home dashboard or the Application dashboard. This should open the Geo-Map in a pop-up.

    Let me know if there any further difficulty you’re facing.

    – Anurag

  2. Ola Alain, com os dados que eu importei, o Geo Map ja esta coletando de onde estao vindo os acessos.
    Ainda tenho uma duvida. Como faço para que o meu Geo Map mostre um display do Mapa Mundi, conforme figura acima ? Devo instalar algum tipo de Java no servidor do Edge Sight ?



    Google Translate:
    Hello Alain, with the data that I imported the Geo Map is already collecting where the hits are coming.
    I still have a doubt. How do I get my Geo Map shows a world map display, as shown above? Should I install some kind of Java on the Edge server Sight?



    1. Machado,

      See the update to this post. I have a link to the EdgeSight for NetScaler Administrator’s Guide which you may have already read through. The GeoData information starts on page 35. As time permits I will try and get this implemented and let you know how it goes.


      Google Translate:

      Ver a atualização para esta postagem. Eu tenho um link para o EdgeSight para NetScaler Guia do Administrador que você já deve ter lido completamente. As informações Geodata começa na página 35. Se o tempo permitir vou tentar conseguir isto implementado e que você saiba como ele vai.


  3. Ola Alain, estou com problemas para visualizar o Geo Map. Eu importei para o EdgeSight um arquivo “GeoIPCountryWhois.csv” e mesmo assim nao consegui visualizar. Voce poderia me ajudar a configura-lo corretamente ?


    Google Translate:
    Hello Alain, I am having trouble viewing the Geo Map EdgeSight for I imported a file “GeoIPCountryWhois.csv” and still can not see. Could you help me configure it correctly?

    1. Machado,

      I unfortunately have not had a chance to install the new EdgeSight for Netscaler beta and test this myself. As soon as I get it to work, I will let you know.


      Google Translate:

      Eu infelizmente não tive a chance de instalar o novo EdgeSight para o NetScaler beta e testar isso mesmo. Assim que eu começar a trabalhar, eu vou deixar você sabe.


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