Time to dust off this blog and start posting again


You’re still here?

I’m humbled that this blog continues to get decent traffic even after over a year of inactivity. I’ve recently changed employment and should have the time to write posts again. So, thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to continue to provide content you find interesting.



4 thoughts on “Time to dust off this blog and start posting again”

  1. Yeah, i am still here. waiting to hear or see what new things you have been up to, in fact last year i even started my own. no where near as informative (or nice ) as yours but it gives me a place to post stuff. most of which has sprung from your inspiration!


    1. Cool. I need to do a new post on the revised XenApp Server Report you enhanced. I also added a link to your blog to my blog roll.

      Thanks for sticking around,

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