Storefront Customization: Logoff behavior

Captain Obvious strikes again!

Note: This post concerns Storefront 2.6


While testing 2 users logging into a desktop and having a different experience (regular user vs. admin), I was perplexed on the behavior of Storefront.

This isn’t your father’s Web Interface

I logged in as one user and launched a desktop. When I signed out of Storefront, in order to sign in as a different user, my virtual desktop immediately disconnected. I had run across the behavior before when using Web Interface, but was hard pressed to find an equivalent setting in the Storefront GUI to fix it.

After digging through Citrix edocs I found: To configure workspace control.

  1. Open web.config under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\storenameWeb\
  2. Find the line containing:

    <workspaceControl enabled=”true” autoReconnectAtLogon=”true” logoffAction=”disconnect” showReconnectButton=”false” showDisconnectButton=”false” />

  3. Change the value of logoffAction to one of the following settings:
    1. disconnect (default) – Disconnects user from applications and desktops
    2. terminate – Shut down user’s applications and desktops
    3. none – leave sessions running and active after Storefront log off.
  4. The article details other settings, namely if you set showReconnectButton and showDisconnectButton to true, you will get those options in a drop down for your users (similar to Web Interface).

Alain Assaf


2 thoughts on “Storefront Customization: Logoff behavior”

    1. Thanks Alain. However, I have set my web.config file to “Logoffaction=none”, but my Citrix session (Published Desktop) still ends (idle or not) when the Storefront Web page times out. Also if I select the dropdown “Logff” option from the Storefront page, my Citrix session also logs off, idle or not. To make sure that the changes are taking place after an IISRESET and or reboot, I modified the settings for the “Reconnect & Disconnect” in the Storefront drop down selection, and I see those changes taking place. tghe interesting thing is if I close the Storefront Browser page (via the “x” in the top right corner), mu Citrix session will stay active until I acutally logoff the Citrix session. I am at a loss, and was hoping thtat you could provide some insight… Thanks

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