Storefront: Resolving Duplicate Icons

NOTE: This post concerns Storefront 2.6


I’ve spent quite a bit of time branding my new Storefront site for my users. One of the persistent issues I ran into was that all my desktop and application icons were duplicated. Here is how it was resolved.

The problem

I had configured my Storefront servers in an HA configuration by load balancing them via NetScaler and I suspected that this was somehow duplicated the icons. After some research I found that this was not the case. Citrix Studio did not show any duplicate applications, and I was not configured for Storefront Multi-Site settings (this can result in duplicate applications as well see this Citrix article for details on configuring this). Despite this I saw the following:

Desktop icons

Apps list

The solution

Turns out that when I configured my Storefront site, I needlessly entered 2 separate entries into the Manage Delivery Controllers section.


You are able to enter in any number of delivery controllers in one entry and Storefront will load balance between the two (or more). Ideally, if you have a NetScaler (or similar device), you can load balance your Delivery Controllers there. I Removed the Controller2 entry above and edited the Controller1 entry as below.


Now there are 2 servers listed for one entry and Storefront will load balance between them.


Done with changes. Let’s log into Storefront and see what’s different:

dupicons3 dupicons4


7 thoughts on “Storefront: Resolving Duplicate Icons”

  1. thanks for this post. This solution hasn’t worked for us though in the sense that we don’t have two entries pointing to the same web store. So stuck. I have searched high and low. GPOs / reg entries none has helped.

    I thought this was a problem for our site, and it looks like it’s a known issue with no clear solution.

  2. This was my problem, after i added a second delivery controller. Update of database was maybe the problem. I deleted the second entry and all icons are normal now. Thank you very much for this hint!

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