PowerShell: XenServer Count Function

Intro I’ve been hesitant to dive into XenServer PowerShell cmdlets, but there’s no rational reason to not do it. Citrix continues to make great strides in expanding and updating PowerShell for XenServer, PVS, and XenDesktop. Today, we’ll go over a function that queries an array of XenServer Poolmasters and returns the total VM count on […]

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Downloading Citrix App Layering (Unidesk)

Intro About a week ago (April 3, 2017), Citrix released App Layering 4.1.0. This is the slightly rebranded Unidesk and Citrix is emphasizing (over-emphasizing based on some comments) that┬áit… Achieves app compatibility greater than 99.5% I find it interesting that out of the gate, Citrix is positioning App Layering as a direct competitor/replacement for Microsoft […]

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