The Cloud is Blind: Tricerat Simplify Monitoring

Tricerat Simplify Monitoring claims to have the magic bullet to fully examine and report on your Citrix environment. In this post I take their 30-day free trial out for a spin.

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PowerShell: E-mail Server Load and Assigned LE

Citrix has utilized load balancing in XenApp for years. This feature allows you to set parameters in a load evaluator, apply it to a server, and have Citrix manage how users are assigned to servers. Despite the numerous tools available on the market that report on your XenApp farm utilization, Citrix user load balancing remains the easiest to implement (and cheapest). That being said, beyond running the “qfarm /load” command over and over, it’s difficult to report on your farm’s load. Thankfully, with the Citrix PowerShell commands we can regularly report on a server’s load (including the load evaluator rules) and e-mail that information.

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EdgeSight: What’s the Point?

Intro In my experience, EdgeSight is not typically deployed in XenApp environments. The reasons for this are many including, it seems redundant and overlaps with an already installed solution, it’s hard to use (sorry Citrix, this is a great tool, but it almost requires a dedicated resource to manage it), most XenApp administrators/managers do not […]

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