AppSense: Automated CCA Install and Self-Registration

Once you have your AppSense server and databases created, you can proceed with AppSense Agent installation.  In this post we’ll cover a command-line install of the Client Communications Agent and getting the device to Self-Register.

AppSense provides all their install components as MSI files (located under \Software\Products).  Here is an example of a silent install of the Client Communications Agent which is required on all servers that you wish to manage via AppSense.

msiexec.exe /qn /i "<MSI file path>\CommunicationsAgent.msi" WEB_SITE="https://<Management Server Name>" GROUP_NAME="<DeploymentGroup>"

NOTE: Above quotes are needed.

After installation, your system will join the default Unassigned Computers deployment group, it will then Self-Register to another Deployment Group if wanted.  To set this up, you must put the Deployment Group in the above command-line installation.  You must also check the following box on the Settings Section of your Deployment Group:

Deployment Group Settings

Once part of a custom Deployment Group, it will install the other AppSense agents and configurations that are part of it using your installation schedule settings.