Application woes: Solarwinds Advanced Subnet Calculator


Solarwinds Advanced Subnet Calculator (ASC) is a great, freely-available tool to generates lists of IP4 networks. I recently ran into an issue installing it in a Windows 7 virtual desktop. It would run fine for administrators, but regular users received errors like this and this.

I broke out Process Monitor and Regshot to investigate what was going on here. I found that regular users could not register the SWLogo.ocx file listed in the above link. This makes sense as I had applied reasonable security on non-admins.
I reinstalled the ASC as the local admin (i.e. non-domain administrator) and that fixed one error for users, but a new one popped up. Running Process Monitor again, I found that ASC was expecting read/write permissions on



This folder contains a series of bitmap banner ads for Solarwinds products. Not at all unreasonable for a free tool. Once I modified permissions in the disk image to allow users to modify (ha!) this folder I was back in business.


XenServer: Quickly install/update XenCenter

I finally upgraded my home lab to XenServer 5.6 SP2.  At the time I failed to grab an updated version of XenCenter.  If you ever need to install XenCenter and do not want to wait for an internet download, you can type the address of your XenServer into your web browser and download it.